African Writers Trust & British Council Informative Seminar

Registration deadline: Sunday, 16th October 2022 The world of publishing can be overwhelming and confusing for many writers. Knowing which publishing path to take can be an uphill task. For many writers who plan to self-publish, or to submit their manuscripts to mainstream publishing houses for consideration, it is not easy to choose which option […]

Information as life blood of tourism business in Zanzibar

The tourism is defined by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as travel that involves staying away from normal place of residence for at least one night but not for ever a year in a person’s own country or abroad, with the purpose other than a permanent paid activity at the destination. There are several […]

New efforts to revive cricket in Zanzibar

  Three decades back, there was a lot of furore about efforts and dedication in Zanzibar to revive cricket, once a popular sport in the islands, which was dying a slow death. Many people, young and old, of all ethnic groups, used to play cricket on the islands and there were several school teams and […]

Horticulture farming becomes increasingly popular

  The adoption of modern farming through farmers’ groups has improved farmers’ yields in the various villages of Unguja and Pemba Islands. According to local farmers, many of them have moved from the traditional subsistence to modern farming methods, which involve the use of fertilizer quality seeds with benefits seen trickling through already. Farmers receive […]

Mtoni Palace was Shangri-La Hotel in Zanzibar

  In this heyday, the Mtoni Palace was Shangrilal Hotel, an exotic paradise abounding in opulence and splendor. The massive building and its direct surrounds were home to a thousand odd people. To the front of the palace lay the sea observed from a raised ballroom-sized, Gazebo called ‘The Bendjle’. To the rear, giant orange […]


  SUPPLIERS AND SERVICE PROVIDER FOR FINANCIAL YEAR 2021/2022 Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Zanzibar has set aside funds under the project of strengthening domestic revenue collection and modernization of tax administration institutions in Zanzibar for the financial year 2021/2022.It is intended that part of the fund proceeds will be used to cover eligible payment under […]

Job Vacancy at University of Dar es Salaam – Procurement Specialist

Procurement Specialist BACKGROUND  The University of Dar es Salaam through the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has received financing from the World Bank towards the cost of the Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) Project. Loan No. / Credit No. / Grant No. 166415 and intends to apply part of the proceeds for […]

UN Deputy Head of Zanzibar Office

BACKGROUND As one of the original eight pilot countries for the UN Reform initiative Delivering as One, Tanzania is a global leader in advancing reforms of the UN system, with a view to support accelerated harmonization in implementation practices, coherence in programming, and alignment with national systems, intended to produce a reduction in transaction costs […]


TITLE: Selection of a Private Investors to buy 99% Government shares in Rwamagana Banana Wine CPC Company Limited.   As part of its vision to ensure a sustainable economic development, the Government of Rwanda(“GoR”) wishes to promote and sustain the growth of business by divesting GoR-owned companies to the private sector. This will increase private […]