How LOSARTAN is Drug Of Choice To Asthmatic Patient?

HEALTH: Captopril is a sulfhydryl containing dipeptide surrogate of proline which abolishes the pressor action of Angiotensin – I but not that of Angiotensin – II: does not block AT1 or AT2 receptors. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) is a relatively nonspecific enzyme; splits off a dipeptidyl segment from several peptides including bradykinin, substance P, a […]

COVID-19 Intensifies Domestic Workers’ Problems

HEALTH: Zainab Mussa, a mother of five and a domestic worker in the Zanzibar’s world heritage of the Stone Town. When Covid-19 broke out on the islands in March 2020, her employer suspended her for fear of being infected. “I lost the job that was sustaining me with income to take care of my family,” […]

Zanzibar MEDIA And The Challenge Of Accountability

LOCAL NEWS: A decade has passed since that terrible Saturday of September 10, 2011 of the worst sea tragedy experienced by the people of Zanzibar in recent history. It was the day when more than 1,500 people who were on board of Mv.Spice Islander lost their lives on their way to Pemba from Unguja. It […]

SALAH Is Players to Watch At African Cup 2022

SPORTS: Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has laid claim to being the best player in the world in the first half of the season with his club, leading the Premier League with 16 goals in 20 games. Now Egypt wants to see some of that brilliance from its captain. Salah has the weight of the world […]

Number Of SACCOS Dropped By 638 In Latest BoT Registration

LOCAL NEWS: The number of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos) dropped by 638 in the third quarter of last year. This was after they failed to meet requirements of the microfinance law to register with the central Bank of Tanzania (BoT). According to a new report by BoT, the number of Saccos dropped to […]

Adult Literacy As A Tool For Development

LOCAL NEWS: Adult education and learning are an integral part of the right to education and lifelong learning. It comprises all forms of education and learning that aim to ensure that all adults participate in their societies and the world of work and help them to develop basic education skills, such as literacy and numeracy. Unfortunately, many […]