Adult Literacy As A Tool For Development

LOCAL NEWS: Adult education and learning are an integral part of the right to education and lifelong learning. It comprises all forms of education and learning that aim to ensure that all adults participate in their societies and the world of work and help them to develop basic education skills, such as literacy and numeracy. Unfortunately, many […]

Tanzania Actress, Gynah Won Pan-African Film Festival 2021 Award

ENTERTAINMENT: Tanzanian actress, singer, song writer and designer Gynah has won the Lake International Pan African Film festival Award as Best Actress for role through in Mulasi film. Regina Kihwele aka Gynah waved the Tanzania flag in Nairobi after beating actresses from  South Africa, Cameroon, Morocco and Uganda. Mulasi is a film about a woman […]

Healthy Breakfast Habits To Start Weight Loss

HEALTH: For the last several years, news reports and studies have raised a question over whether breakfast really was the most important meal of the day. Various news organizations like The New York Times to scientific journals like The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have called the practice of a morning meal into question, and new weight-loss approaches like intermittent […]

Take Your Competition Seriously ~Jack Ma ~

BUSINESS: Jack Ma believes that no competitors are giants until you make them a giant in your own mind. Always treat your competition with the same respect as you would treat your own business. More importantly, take them all seriously. Never underestimate a company. Everyone has an equal chance at success in today’s world. That […]

Skills Essential For Future Jobs

EDUCATION: Getting a job is on every student’s mind as they enter higher education. They focus on completing the requirements of their degree and learn new things that either interest them, or those that seem useful for employment. Many times, the two areas; that of interest and that of relevance do not coincide. Skills can […]

Enjoy Life

BUSINESS COACHING: Jack Ma entreats us to enjoy life, as opposed to working all of the time. So many people spend all of their time toiling away. The focus of your life should be on enjoyment, rather than work. Yes, work is important and you will  probably spend a lot of hours on your new […]