Zanzibar aloe is also sometimes, called monkey-skin aloe

Aloes is the dried juice of the leaves of Aloes barbadensis Miller, known as Curacao aloes; or of Aloe perryi Baker, known as Socotrine aloes; or of Aloe ferox Miller and hybrids of this species with Aloe Africana Miller and Aloe spicata Baker, known as Cape aloes, belonging to family Liliaceae. Aloes is indigenous to […]

Zanzibar had to teach youth by work

The President of Zanzibar and chairman of the revolutionary council Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi said the mission of the government is to ensure to create a friendly environment that enables youth to employ themselves to do work instead to depend on employment from the government which is limited. Covid 19 relief fund has a scheme […]

Shirazi and Baluchi Community in Zanzibar

The beginning of the Shiraz Government and civilization in East Africa dating back thousands of years ago was yet another piece of evidence. Between 900 and 980 a significant number of Iranian merchants and mariners first migrated from the port of Syraf (Taheri) and then from the islands of Kish and Hormoz to the Eastern […]

18 Unique Benefits of Zanzibar Ginger Spice

  Even though it is still unclear why the archipelago is called, Zanzibar, one theory is that the Latin name of ginger, Zingiber officinale, gave the island its name. Zanzibar ginger commonly known as Zingiber also has other names like Sunthi and Zingiberis. Zanzibar ginger consists of whole or cut, dried scrapped, or unscrapped rhizomes […]

Airport Services Agent at Qatar Airways in Zanzibar August, 2022

  We are currently recruiting for Airport Services Agent in Zanzibar, Tanzania As an Airport Services Agent, you will support the operation by providing five star service to customers at the airport terminal and help create an enjoyable airport environment for customers whilst travelling. You will ensure a quality services and adherence to safety policies […]

The House of Tippu Tip in Zanzibar

  The great carved doors which open this house are shangani’s most infamous. Born in Zanzibar in 1837, Hamad bin Muhammad bin Juma bin Rajab bin Muhammad bin Said El Marjeb was more commonly known as Tippu Tip, which translates to “the gatherer together of wealth”. According to him, he was given the nickname Tippu […]

New efforts to revive cricket in Zanzibar

  Three decades back, there was a lot of furore about efforts and dedication in Zanzibar to revive cricket, once a popular sport in the islands, which was dying a slow death. Many people, young and old, of all ethnic groups, used to play cricket on the islands and there were several school teams and […]