The House of Tippu Tip in Zanzibar

  The great carved doors which open this house are shangani’s most infamous. Born in Zanzibar in 1837, Hamad bin Muhammad bin Juma bin Rajab bin Muhammad bin Said El Marjeb was more commonly known as Tippu Tip, which translates to “the gatherer together of wealth”. According to him, he was given the nickname Tippu […]

Zanzibar Airport Rescue and Fire-fighting

The aviation sector in Zanzibar is currently served by Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA) and Pemba Airport, both of which primarily serve routes within Tanzania. These airports are increasingly struggling to meet rising passengers traffic demands as Zanzibar’s tourism industry continues to grow. As of 2020, a new terminal at AAKIA is due to […]

Zanzibar Kiswahili Dedicated to International Day

  On November 23, 2021, the United Nations designated July 7 as the World Kiswahili Language Day-the official day to celebrate the Swahili language. The announcement was made by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) during its 41st Member States’ session held in Paris, France. This made Swahili the first African language to […]

The role of the University in Tanzania

Ask someone ‘what is education?, and you are likely to get an image of a school building. Ask ‘what is quality education?’ and you may get descriptions of clean buildings, orderly desks, sturdy books and disciplined pupils. All these thing are important. But Mwalimu Nyerere challenges us to think beyond. Because, for him, education is […]