Dr. Mwinyi meets with Korea investors

The President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi has met with a delegation from the Global Cooperation Committee (GCC) led by Mr. Jin-il, Kim. President Dr. Mwinyi has welcomed the investors and promised that Zanzibar is ready to collaborate with them especially in the blue economy sector. Mr.  Kim […]

Philippine Ambassador visits Zanzibar

  President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi has said that Zanzibar has a lot to learn from the experience and expertise of the Philippines, especially in the oil and gas, health, tourism and fishing sectors. Dr. Mwinyi has also asked the Philippine Ambassador to promote Zanzibar in various […]

Dr. Mwinyi commends support from AfDB

President Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi has received a message from the African Development Bank-AfDB, led by its President Dr. Kinwumi Adesina White House, Zanzibar. President Dr. Mwinyi has thanked the African Development Bank for supporting various development projects in Zanzibar including the community in the health, road, water and transport sectors. Dr Mwinyi used the […]

Zanzibar Leased Seven More Islands to Investors

The Government has leased seven more islands to investors, bringing the number of the islets leased to 17, the Minister of State. President’s Office, Labor, Economy, and Investment, Mudrik Soraga told the house recently. The islands are Bawe, Changuu, Snake, Kwale, Pamunda A and B, Chapwani, Pungume, Popo, Miwa, Niamembe, Njao, Matumbini, Kashani, Kwata, Mtangani […]

Why Coastal Countries Should Adopt the Blue Economy Strategy

Around 40% of the global population lives along with coastal areas, of which a significant proportion rely on ocean resources for their livelihoods and business. The sector is estimated to contribute USD 2.5 trillion annually to the global output but its contribution to individual economies varies widely. For example, ocean-based activities contribute around 4.1% of […]

New efforts to revive cricket in Zanzibar

  Three decades back, there was a lot of furore about efforts and dedication in Zanzibar to revive cricket, once a popular sport in the islands, which was dying a slow death. Many people, young and old, of all ethnic groups, used to play cricket on the islands and there were several school teams and […]

Overcoming emerging blue economy obstacles

The Indian Ocean islands of Zanzibar have great opportunity to benefit from the development of the blue economy which includes clean water, marine fishing, transport and tourism. At the same time, the ocean surrounding the islands absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide, a major source that regulates global warming. The ocean is also a source […]

The Bububu: Third African Railway Build in Zanzibar

  In my journey to search for correct information on the history and tourism in Zanzibar, I met with some unique on the history if this Indian Ocean Islands; the Bububu Railway. It was the first railway in East Africa and third in the African continent behind the Egyptian and South African railways. In 1904 […]

Zanzibar Born Abdulrazak Gurnah Nobel Prize Ready to Work with Zanzibar on International Book Fair

The 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature, Professor Abdulrazak Gurnah(with casual black suit) back to Motherland Country and arrives at the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport and accompanied by Minister of Tourism and Antiques, honorable Simai Muhammed(with white shirt). On December 7th, when Abdulrazak Gurnah accepted the Nobel Prize in Literature at the Swedish Embassy in […]

Global Beauty of Zanzibar Butterfly

  The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is the largest butterfly enclosure in East Africa.  The tour can take 30 – 40 minutes where you can inspect the tiny butterfly eggs, touch and hold the hungry caterpillars and watch them nibble away at the leaves. Admire the beauty of the butterfly pupae before witnessing the butterflies hatching […]