Zanzibar to build second tallest skyscraper in Africa

TOURISM: The Zanzibar Revolutionary Government has approved a mega joint venture tourism investment project for the construction of a 70 storey commercial tower off the banks of the Old Stone Town. The project which is worth Sh3.1 trillion, nearly twice of this year’s Zanzibar budget of Sh1.82 trillion. The building, the Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower, […]

Zanzibar launches new tax, investment scheme to lure investors

TOURISM: The Indian Ocean islands of Zanzibar have launched a new tax and residency programme for foreigners to live and invest on the islands. The measure comes on the back of significant infrastructural and tourism-friendly transformations by the President of Zanzibar, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi that allowed the Isles to address the economic constraints caused […]

New and Old Tourists in Zanzibar

  Tourism activities taka place under different topologies of which the most common is the conventional or mass tourism. Conventional(old) tourism attracts the majority of travelers, but it has little impact in improving incomes in rural areas where the majority of the citizens live. However, other forms of tourism are gaining currency, whose shared vision […]

Information as life blood of tourism business

  Tourism is defined by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as travel that involves staying away from normal place of residence for at least one night but not for ever a year in a person’s own country or abroad, with the purpose other than a permanent paid activity at the destination. There are several […]

Zanzibar now eyes seafood in new blue economy push

Zanzibar. Zanzibar is extending its blue economy aspirations to seafood in a deliberate attempt to grab a share of the business that is growing in leaps and bounds across the world. A study by Rabobank – a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company – put the global fish and shellfish trade at $153 billion in […]