Zanzibar Kiswahili Dedicated to International Day

  On November 23, 2021, the United Nations designated July 7 as the World Kiswahili Language Day-the official day to celebrate the Swahili language. The announcement was made by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) during its 41st Member States’ session held in Paris, France. This made Swahili the first African language to […]

The role of the University in Tanzania

Ask someone ‘what is education?, and you are likely to get an image of a school building. Ask ‘what is quality education?’ and you may get descriptions of clean buildings, orderly desks, sturdy books and disciplined pupils. All these thing are important. But Mwalimu Nyerere challenges us to think beyond. Because, for him, education is […]

Zanzibar embarked online procurement

President of Zanzibar and Chairperson of the Revolutionary Council, Dr. Mwinyi insists all government ministries and agencies start to use the e-Procurement system starting on 1st July 2022 for the financial year 2022/2023 at Hotel Verde during the launch of the e-Procurement system. Also, Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Saada Mkuya Salum promise to […]

Why Coastal Countries Should Adopt the Blue Economy Strategy

Around 40% of the global population lives along with coastal areas, of which a significant proportion rely on ocean resources for their livelihoods and business. The sector is estimated to contribute USD 2.5 trillion annually to the global output but its contribution to individual economies varies widely. For example, ocean-based activities contribute around 4.1% of […]

The Intellectual needs society

  The traditional thinking is that societies need the intellectuals in order to modernize and develop. This leads to arrogance  and a sense of indispensability. Nyerere says this is all wrong. It is other way around. Without the society to be served, intellectualism is meaningless and hallow. Intellectuals should put service first and self-second, and […]

Wole Soyinka: Land of the Happiest people on Earth

  The distinguished Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka has just published his first novel in almost a half century, Chronicles from the Land of the happiest People on Earth-a scorching satire on contemporary Nigerian society that teems with life, rather like one of the big books by Charles Dicken(Bleak House) or William Thackeray(Vanity Fair) or even, […]

What is Feminism?

Bem(1993), in her ground breaking theoretical work, The Lenses of Gender: Transforming the Debate on Sexual Inequality deplores the essentialist definition of gender that treats the differences between men and women as almost in born, if not divine. She is one of the many feminists who advance a call for action against such mystifying notion […]

Gurnah masterfully interweaves Yusuf’s story with the larger historical forces transforming the continent, all in a lush, seductive language that revels in its powers of storytelling

Paradise is a historical novel by the Nobel Prize-winning Zanzibar-born British writer Abdulrazak Gurnah, First published in 1994 by Hamish Hamilton in London. The novel was nominated for both the Booker Prize and the Whitbread Prize for Fiction. The book follows the story of Yusuf, a boy born in the fictional town of Kawa in […]

Horticulture farming becomes increasingly popular

  The adoption of modern farming through farmers’ groups has improved farmers’ yields in the various villages of Unguja and Pemba Islands. According to local farmers, many of them have moved from the traditional subsistence to modern farming methods, which involve the use of fertilizer quality seeds with benefits seen trickling through already. Farmers receive […]

Zanzibar’s Magical Turtles

Turtles conjure up magical imagery of large creatures gracefully swimming across the ocean. The idea of a swimming “tortoise” has both amazed and delighted many generations of visitors to the ocean. Zanzibar is no different in that two types of turtles are found along its coast, these are the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle. […]