Enjoy Life

BUSINESS COACHING: Jack Ma entreats us to enjoy life, as opposed to working all of the time. So many people spend all of their time toiling away. The focus of your life should be on enjoyment, rather than work. Yes, work is important and you will  probably spend a lot of hours on your new […]

Don’t Make Enemies

BUSINESS: Friendly competition is one of Jack Ma’s unique business philosophies. You don’t see this in every successful business, but you do see it in successful business that are fun. For example, Netflix is constantly aligning with competitors in order to offer more value. I don’t think anyone could look at Netflix as a cut-throat […]


Tanzania is endowed by people who are highly skilled in making handcrafts like those we see on the pictures. The range from mats, wall decorations, baskets, holders and what have you. They are perfect items for a collector of memorabilia, and can be bought and exported for those interest in such business. We took these […]