Director General of Zanzibar anti-corruption and economic crimes authority being sworn

President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Honourable Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi  speak, after being sworn the Director general of Zanzibar anti-corruption and economic crimes authority  Mr Ali Abdullah Ali at state house-08/09/2022. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar(RGoZ) has established policies and legislation on corruption prevention, education, and enforcement. These initiatives date […]

Zanzibar building journalist’s capacity

The Zanzibar Journalists Capacity Building Foundation (ZJCBF) is a Zanzibar Training, Education, Research and Publications for media services professionals. It combines the efforts of journalists seeking to deepen their journalistic expertise, knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  The specific objectives of the organization are; Facilitate training for media services professionals; Promote local content development programs and; Improve […]