Zanzibar: International women day celebration

Due to the changes in Technology in the world, there is a need to train girls to study science so that they can adapt to these changes. This has been said by Dr. Mariyam M Khamis from the National University (SUZA) during the conference to celebrate International Women’s Day in the meeting hall of Dr. […]

Zanzibar Kiswahili Dedicated to International Day

  On November 23, 2021, the United Nations designated July 7 as the World Kiswahili Language Day-the official day to celebrate the Swahili language. The announcement was made by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) during its 41st Member States’ session held in Paris, France. This made Swahili the first African language to […]

What WOMEN Want From Leaders in 2022

LOCAL NEWS: Women’s political empowerment is the responsibility of everybody i.e. the Government, Civil Society and the women themselves. Similarly, gender is socially constructed and therefore it can be socially de-constructed for the interest of all members of society. This analysis reflects on how the different players in promotion of women’s political empowerment in Zanzibar […]

Zanzibar MEDIA And The Challenge Of Accountability

LOCAL NEWS: A decade has passed since that terrible Saturday of September 10, 2011 of the worst sea tragedy experienced by the people of Zanzibar in recent history. It was the day when more than 1,500 people who were on board of Mv.Spice Islander lost their lives on their way to Pemba from Unguja. It […]

Zanzibar Seeks Stakeholders’ Views On Digital Currencies

ECONOMY: The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar is seeking stakeholders’ views on digital currencies, whose uptake is gaining momentum around the world. Zanzibar’s Minister of State (Economy and Investment), Mr Mudrick Soraga, said the government plans to meet with stakeholders in the third week of this month. “We are seeking views on the matter before deciding […]