Zanzibar first lady promotes importance of nutrition

The Zanzibar first lady and the Chairperson of the Zanzibar Maisha Bora Foundation (ZMBF) mama Mariam Mwinyi participates prepares food during a television programme to promote the importance of nutrition organised by the UN-Food and Agriculture Organization-Tanzania.  

Dr. Mwinyi launches $10.6million project to reduce unemployment for youth

The President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi has said that the challenges facing young people include unemployment, drug use, pregnancy and early marriage, AIDS, mental health, violence and sexual harassment, including misuse of Information and Communication Technology (IT). President Dr. Mwinyi said this when he launched the Young […]

Queen Elizabeth II legacy in Tanzania

Elizabeth II was Queen of Tanganyika from 1961 to 1962, when Tanganyika was an independent sovereign state and a constitutional monarchy. She was also the monarch of other sovereign states, including the United Kingdom. Her constitutional roles in Tanganyika were mostly delegated to the governor-general of Tanganyika. The monarchy was created by the Tanganyika independence […]

Director General of Zanzibar anti-corruption and economic crimes authority being sworn

President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Honourable Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi  speak, after being sworn the Director general of Zanzibar anti-corruption and economic crimes authority  Mr Ali Abdullah Ali at state house-08/09/2022. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar(RGoZ) has established policies and legislation on corruption prevention, education, and enforcement. These initiatives date […]