Zanzibar 2,907 SACCOS Eligible for Covid-19 IMF Loan

Minister of State, President’s Office(Labor, Economy and Investment) – Mudrik Soraga LOCAL NEWS: More than 2,900 out of 3,494 vetted cooperative societies have qualified for an International Monetary Fund(IMF) Sh 45 billion Covid-19 stimulus package to catalyze economic recovery from the pandemic. Addressing the media, the Minister of state, President’s Office(Labor, Economy and Investment), Mudrik […]

President Samia Hints At Major Cabinet Reshuffle

LOCAL NEWS: President Samia Suluhu Hassan has on Tuesday January 4, hinted at cabinet reshuffle eight months after she made the first mini-reshuffle following her ascendancy to power in March 2021. She said the intention is to go with like-minded people who care about the development of Tanzania and not those who are speculating and […]

Tanzania Forex Rise From $ 5.502 To $ 6.7 Billion ,End Of October 2021.

ECONOMY: Tanzania’s foreign exchange reserves were enough to cover the country’s imports requirements for a period of seven months at the end of last October: the highest to have been registered after a period of almost 17 years, official figures show. Gross foreign reserves have risen by a staggering $1.2 billion in three months, propelled […]

Global Debt Jumps to Record $226 trn: IMF

BUSINESS: Due to the COVID-19 and policies put in place to respond to it, the global debt has jumped to a new high of $226 trillion. International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday. Advanced economies and China contributed more than 90% to the accumulation of world-wide debt in 2020.The remaining emerging economies and low-income developing countries […]

Inequality hurting Recovery, Says IMF

WORLD: The global economics bounceback from the COVID-19 crisis will downshift this year as countries struggle with rising prices, high debt loads and divergent recoveries in which poor nations are slipping behind wealthier ones, the leader of the IMF warned on Tuesday. While the Washington-based crisis lender has hundreds of billions of dollars in new […]

Get Our Money Back! Swift Action Needed On The Pandora Papers

The problem is not that some people are getting rich. It is that people are becoming rich by evading tax, and transferring and parking ill-gotten gains in tax havens abroad. The latest Pandora Papers expose by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists(ICIJ)-a network of over 600 journalists who have trawled millions of documents sourced from […]