MANAGING DIRECTOR – 1 POST at The Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC)

APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-09-22    –    2022-10-12 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (i)Providing leadership and management of the Centre according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors; (ii)Creating the required synergy within the Centre through planning, organizing, coordinating and overall management of the AICC operations; (iii)Overseeing policies and protocol issues; (iv)Managing, planning and coordinating […]

Inability to Use Talent

BUSINESS: Albert Einstein said, “I think I used about 25% of my intellectual capacity during my life.” According to William James, human beings use only 10-12% of their potential. The saddest part of most people’s lives is that they die with the music still in them. They haven’t lived while alive. They rust out rather […]

How Do We Measure Success ?

BUSINESS: True success is measured by the feeling of knowing you have done a job well and have achieved your objective. Success is not measured by our position in life but by the obstacles we overcame to get there. Success in life is not determined by how we are doing compared with what we are […]

Do the Thing and you Will have the Power – (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

BUSINESS: The psychologist Henry L. Roediger III, who is the principal investigator for the department of psychology at Washington University in St. Luis, conducted an experiment in which students were divided into two groups to study a natural history text. Group A studied the text for four sessions. Group B studied only once but was […]