The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has expressed its commitment to bring balanced development to the island of Pemba in all aspects, including strengthening road infrastructure and the construction of an international airport.

President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi said this when he spoke to the British Ambassador in Tanzania, David Concar, said the Government is determined to open up Pemba more for major development immediately after the completion of the new construction of the international airport in order to maintain the same balance with the scenery of the island of Unguja by removing the difference in development that exists between them.

He said the construction of the road from Chake to the Region and the construction of the stadium  of new aircraft are currently major development projects on the island which is very important for Zanzibar.

Dr. Mwinyi explained that the Government has already reached a good stage of negotiations,

their contractors for the construction and already explain the initial process of  the construction of the terminal building for the airport has started.

He said that the completion of the projects will open up Pemba more developmentally,

by allowing large international planes to land on the island.

And Ambassador Concer explained the commitment of the United Kingdom to the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar in their cooperation with the Pemba projects. he said the financial process is ready from the central fund of Great Britain and emphasized his expectation of a quick start to the construction.

In addition, Ambassador Concer promised President Mwinyi that the British Government and,

Zanzibar will continue the existing cooperation in promoting development sectors

and strengthen their existing diplomatic relations between them.

The diplomatic relationship between Tanzania and England is historic. which has improved more in the business, agricultural, mining and industrial sectors and it is mentioned that the UK is a major foreign investor in those sectors. Tanzania, being a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, has also been a good partner with the UK since 1964. Currently, the UK has its ambassador in Dar es Salaam. David Concar since 2020 with Tanzania, his ambassador in England is Dr. Asha Rose Migiro.

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