The Chairman of the Zanzibar National Business Council (ZNBC), the President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, has asked the Ministry and stakeholders from various sectors that do business to meet every three months to discuss challenges and provide solutions. He has also asked the National Business Council to meet every six months while the Forum meets once a year to increase efficiency in solving business challenges in the country. He said this when he opened the Twelfth Business Forum today, March 19, 2023, held at the Golden Tulip Airport Hotel.

In addition, Dr. Mwinyi has touched on the Council’s resolutions including tax issues and asked the Ministry of Finance, TRA and ZRA to meet and discuss this to resolve it while sending information on the resolution of those challenges in the forum.

Also, he explained that the Government is there to solve challenges with more solutions and businessmen should send their challenges and they will be helped.

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