The Minister of Education and Vocational Training Zanzibar, Lela Muhamed Mussa has said
sports are one of the ways that can increase good understanding for students and make them better young people.

She said this during the 2023 Cross Country Race, held at the Unguja Amani Stadium.

She said that sports make students understand and have good leadership in their studies.

In addition, she congratulated the teachers for providing great collaborations and preparing young people to take part in cross-country races efficiently and with great tenacity.

In addition, Minister Lela has asked students not to misuse the opportunity of sports, but they should first learn that sports should be a place to relax after doing a lot of work in class.

She said that there has been a challenge of some teachers not taking their children out on time to participate in games, so teachers should know that games are an order of the party manifesto, so they should give themselves and involve students in the best way.


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