Due to the changes in Technology in the world, there is a need to train girls to study science so that they can adapt to these changes.

This has been said by Dr. Mariyam M Khamis from the National University (SUZA) during the conference to celebrate International Women’s Day in the meeting hall of Dr. Samia Primary School located in Mwanakwerekwe, West Unguja Region.

He has said that women are an important link in society, so it is good to make sure that she grows up with professions that are compatible with technology so that she can be at the forefront to ensure that she brings progress in her country.

He said that when technology is used properly, it will help bring progress in various fields.

In addition, he said that technology has advantages and disadvantages, so if they use it in their professional development, they will take steps and get good results.

And the students who participated in the conference said they were very excited and promised to study a lot in science subjects, especially Mathematics.

The conference was organized by the Department of Education including the Ministry of Education and Practical Training in Zanzibar and involved the students of Kwerewe A, Magufuli and Dr. Samia.

International Women’s Day is celebrated every March 8, where this year’s message is “encouraging innovation and technology to bring development and gender equality.”

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