The Journalists have called upon the government to repeal all laws that suppress freedom of expression.

The call was made recently when discussing the challenges they face in fulfilling their responsibilities and how the community can freely benefit from access to freedom of expression.

They said that they welcome the government’s moves to repeal the Registration of News Agent, Newspapers and Books Act No. 5 of 1988 as amended by Act No. 8 of 1997, but they are concerned with the possible implications that this decision might have on the broader enjoyment of the freedom of expression enshrined in the 1984 constitution of Zanzibar.

They said section 18 of the constitution states that freedom of expression shall be respected, so there is a need for actors to uphold that right to expand democracy.

However, they applauded Dr. Mwinyi’s administration for its commitment to repeal all outdated laws which hinder press freedom.

Some journalists urged the administration to demonstrate this commitment by repealing all laws that stifle the rights to freedom of expression and press freedom.

They commended efforts that have been made by media stakeholders to advocate for the reform of media laws.

“We do believe that media stakeholders shall not be tired to demand our freedom and the government must deliberately allow us to do our work independently,” they said.

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