President Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi has received a message from the African Development Bank-AfDB, led by its President Dr. Kinwumi Adesina White House, Zanzibar. President Dr. Mwinyi has thanked the African Development Bank for supporting various development projects in Zanzibar including the community in the health, road, water and transport sectors. Dr Mwinyi used the opportunity to explain the development bank’s message on the ongoing steps by the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government in managing the sectors of the blue economy where on the tourism side he said it contributes 30 percent of the country’s income. In turn, the President of the African Development Bank Dr. Adesina explained to her host President Dr. You are the projects that the Bank further supports the construction of the road and the entire transport industry. He said his bank is currently supporting the ongoing construction of the Bububu-Mahonda-Mkotoni Road, the construction of the Tunguu-Makunduchi road and the Chakechake region. The bank is also focused on supporting the construction of a new Pemba airport and a number of projects including water and marketing as well as the African Development Bank has allocated US $ 15 million to support the sectors of the blue economy.

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