2022-09-22    –    2022-10-12


(i)Providing leadership and management of the Centre according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors;

(ii)Creating the required synergy within the Centre through planning, organizing, coordinating and overall management of the AICC operations;

(iii)Overseeing policies and protocol issues;

(iv)Managing, planning and coordinating the Centre’s activities of promoting sustainable congress and business tourism;

(v)Enhancing the Centre’s position and ability as the premier congress and business tourism promotion agency in the country;

(vi)Acting as intermediary between the Board and staff of the Centre;

(vii)Translating and communicating policies formulated by the Board to all staff of the Centre for clear implementation and success;

(viii)Drafting policies for approval by the Board and preparing procedures to implement the organizational policies; reviewing existing policies on an annual basis and recommending changes to the Board as appropriate

(ix)Spearheading the Centre’s initiatives in seeking sources of finance for various projects undertaken by the Centre;

(x)Preparing national and international programs for appropriate promotion of congress and business tourism in Tanzania;

(xi)Implementing organizational and managing policies which will guide efficient running of the Centre;

(xii)Ensuring the Centre’s targets are achieved and operating within the approved budget

(xiii)Ensuring availability of financial and performance reports;

(xiv)Ensuring that the Board’s resolutions are implemented and subsequent reports are prepared.

(xv)Developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the Centre;

(xvi)Developing operational plans which incorporate goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the Centre and ensuring that the operations of the Centre meet the expectations of its stakeholders;

(xvii)Identifying, assessing, and informing the Board on internal and external issues that affect the Centre;

(xviii)Representing the Centre at community activities to enhance the organization’s community profile; and

(xix)Performing any other duties relevant to the scope of work that may be assigned by the Board and the Minister.


Master’s Degree in the following fields: Tourism,  Hospitality, Marketing, Business Administration, Commerce, International Business, Economics, Enterpreneurship, Human Resources Management, Public Administration, International Relations or Law from a recognized institution. Holding a PhD in any of the above field will be an added advantage.At least ten (10) years of experience of which five (5) years should be in a Managerial position in a reputable organisation.



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