So far, 24.4 percent of the firefighters at Kitogani Zanzibar Fire Service Training Institute  South district Unguja have been covered with COVID-19 prevention education and Vaccines that are offered through the ‘Afya Kamilifu’ project.

The project is implemented by Amref Health Africa-Tanzania and sponsored by the US government through the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the Ministry of Health Zanzibar.

A five-year project (2018-2023), has been implemented in Mara, Tanga, Simiyu, and Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba), and is in totality set to benefit about 166,767 people by September 2023.

In an interview with Prevention Officer from Amref Health Africa-Tanzania, Mrs. Rukia Salim Athumani said, Amref Health Africa-Tanzania educates on the prevention of COVID-19 which affects the global world.

She said Amref Health Africa-Tanzania has the responsibility to advocate for the prevention of various diseases includes, including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and COVID-19 in Zanzibar.

She thanked, the firefighters, to come to have the vaccine in order to be prevented against disease. There are 51 firefighters who got jabbed equivalent to 24.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the Principal of Zanzibar Fire Service College, Senior Superintendent of Fire Omar Haji Khamis request the Fire and Rescue Administration to continue with the program to other the Fire and Rescue Stations Unguja and Pemba in order to prevent firefighters against COVID-19.

Also, firefighters who participated in this program have been thanks to the Fire and Rescue Administration to see the importance of getting vaccine jabs optional and free of charge.

Zanzibar Fire Service Training Institute

There are so much more to being a Professional than simply acquiring the best training and skills. Becoming an expert in your field is only one part of earning the respect of clients and colleagues.

There are five important element elements to being a true professional which include character, attitude, excellence, competency and conduct.

These five keys cover many important concepts, such as being responsible and accountable, developing respect, doing what is right, and learning How to project Professionalism image.

Since Professionalism is the primary requirement in any institution that strives to achieve excellence and a bright future the force is concentrating in producing, developing and exploiting the potential of their staff.

In order to achieve this goal, the Zanzibar Fire and Rescue Force planned to expand its training institute to become modern one by constructing new building that involves classes, offices, exhibitions and dining hall, hostel for accommodating students, libraries, stores and museum centers.

Since the college will start an advance training known as National Technical Award Level which is meant to train Fire and Rescue Manager it needs facilities. Level four of some courses but will also offered.

These training facilities include, fire tenders, ambulance vehicles, firefighting equipment and special vehicles.

It also strives to make rehabilitation of the present Zanzibar Fire Service Training Institute and modernize it to become the campus of the main Zanzibar Fire Service College.

Currently the college offers the level of certificate only to its fire and rescue personnel but the aim is to make sure that College offers up to diploma level by 2025 to its member and members from outside the Force and Rescue Force (KZU) – Zanzibar.

The following are some of the courses that the Fire and Rescue Force (KZU) – Zanzibar is aiming to offer for levels of basic certificate to diploma.

  1. Search and rescue courses
  2. Aircraft firefighting course
  3. Marine science firefighting course
  4. Municipal Firefighting courses
  5. Fire science courses
  6. Fire investigation courses
  7. Paramedic courses
  8. Emergency and disaster management courses
  9. Hazardous material courses
  10. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT Courses)
  11. Architectural courses.
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