The President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of Zanzibar Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi want the appointed Ambassadors who represent Tanzania in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Netherland to make an effort to promote Tanzania as well as to look for economic opportunities.

Dr. Mwinyi calls out today at the state house of Zanzibar during the conversation with appointed new ambassadors including ambassadors Simon Sirro (Zimbabwe), ambassador Mathew Mkingule (Zambia), and Ambassador Caroline Chipeta (Netherland) they arrived at the state house to say goodbye.

He said, there is great importance to the ambassadors to promote Tanzania in these countries for continuing good cooperation as well as to look varieties economic opportunities.

President said, in the implementation of the diplomatic economy policy, the Government has prioritized the blue economy sector for the purpose of promoting the economy, so he insisted on the importance of doing the duties of these opportunities in this sector.

Dr. Mwinyi called the ambassador of Tanzania in the Netherland Caroline Chipeta to keep strong in order to increase the number of tourists from the Netherland.

Either, Dr. Mwinyi wanted the ambassadors to get excited about the market opportunity of the cloves and spices for connecting businesspeople from these countries and Zanzibar.

In another step, Dr. Mwinyi wanted the ambassadors who represent Tanzania in Zimbabwe and Zambia to continue historical relations and cooperation which exists and to look for business opportunities that exist as well as focus on defense and security.


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