The President of Zanzibar and the Revolutionary Council who is also a Member of the Central Committee of the Council of the CCM national Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi attend a special session of the Central Committee of the Council of the CCM National.

The United Republic of Tanzania, under the leadership of the TANU and ASP and then CCM has been built on the basics of socialism and self-reliance which consider humanity, equality, and justice. These basics strengthen with good policies and the good leadership of the CCM has been a pillar of the strengthening of peace, unity, and integrity of the Nations. CCM will continue to direct her Government to ensure that considers, defend and maintain its basic values.

CCM will ensure that Tanzania continues to defend its independence, maintain the glorious Revolutionary of the Zanzibar, and strengthen the Union which has two Governments and other national values including the national torch of independence in order to build a strong nation that is independent in terms of the economy and political and also maintain social welfare to the society which continues and values its traditions, practices, and culture.

CCM believes that the nationalism of the country is the foundation of the true development of Tanzania which will be brought by the Tanzanians. Therefore, CCM will continue to emphasize the citizens to become nationalists of the country by doing work for integrity, hard work, and intelligence as the basis for true development.

CCM believes that every citizen has the responsibility to work for hardworking and intelligence in order to bring development for themselves and the nation. This belief is the source which brings the quotes of the Hapa Kazi Tu! na Kuacha Kufanya Kazi kwa Mazoea! either, CCM recognizes that the Government that directives has the basic responsibility to ensure that the inferior in the community enable to get unique opportunities for social wellbeing and keep away from inferiority in order to reduce classes in the society.

CCM recognizes that the Country has capable people and adequate resources like land, minerals, natural gas, forests, animals, ancient things, sea, lakes, and rivers together with the opportunity of the geographical location. The adequate resources and these opportunities if used properly they have become a great engine of national development, as proven in the implementation of the election manifesto of the CCM of the year 2015-2020 and that tukiamua tunaweza!. It is in the context of the CCM belief that Tanzania ni nchi tajiri!.

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