The President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi said the advent of the Medical team from the “Save a child’s Heart” from Israel help the Government get rid of the high costs of the treatment of heart diseases faced children.

Dr. Mwinyi said during the meeting at the state house with the medical heart’s surgery team from Israel, led by Director Tamar Shapira.

Said that level of the medical team came to the country every year and investigate children with heart diseases, and help Government to reduce death caused by heart diseases.

Said, the Government has not enough capacity to serve the whole children faced challenges of heart disease considering the great of these problems.

Either, said the project of the implementation of the construction of a unit for the treatment of heart disease children will help the Government support to treatment of this disease and considering to deliver the opportunity to have experts from external countries to do minor operations along with the capacity of the local.

And the Director of ‘Save a Child’s Hearts’ Tamar Shapira promises to continue cooperation to support the Government for the purpose of facing the problems of the Hearts children diseases in Zanzibar.

The Director congratulates the great cooperation got from the Ministry of Health for the whole period and promises to work on the recommendations represented to them.

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