President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council sign condolences book after death of Queen Elizabeth II at Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam 14-09-2022.

Zanzibar under the British Empire

New management plan  was established by the Mr. G. Portal-Ambassador and the British Government representative. Among the changes done  was to establish a Prime Minister position, new budget system and rule of law.

In the year 1913,the British Government  decides to transfer management of Zanzibar colon from the Ministry of Foreign to the Department which has a deal with colon.

Firstly, position of the ambassador and the Prime minister abolished and position of the resident representative established. Secondly, the King advisor council created and thirdly, establishment of the secretariat of the King to govern Government Department. Even so, this system  was amended 1926 for establishment of the legislative Council and Executive Council.

This system continue until 1962  where legislative council was parliament and executive council was Government.


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