The President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi said the government will provide all kinds of help to ensure Police force to perform his duties with great efficiency.

Dr. Mwinyi said today at the State house of Zanzibar when he spoke with Chief of Police force (IGP) Camillus Mongoso Wambura where together other issues he came to introduce himself.

Said, the government understand the existence of challenges facing it, so the government seeking solution to enable the Police force to implement her duties.

Dr. Mwinyi explain that, purpose of existence the defense and security agencies, including the Police force is to ensure fully security in the country, he also said that cooperation is the catalyst to bring efficiency of the agencies.

And the President add that, the government is satisfied with the performance of the Police force and also emphasized the desire to develop cooperation between  the Revolutionary government of Zanzibar and the Police force.

President Mwinyi used the opportunity to congratulate IGP Wambura by being selected soon.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Police force (IGP) Camillus Mongoso Wambura said, the government of United Republic of Tanzania has a great effort of seeking solutions of the challenges facing of lack of equipment and essential useful tools especially to the transportation.

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