The Zanzibar Journalists Capacity Building Foundation (ZJCBF) is a Zanzibar Training, Education, Research and Publications for media services professionals. It combines the efforts of journalists seeking to deepen their journalistic expertise, knowledge, skills, and attitudes. 

The specific objectives of the organization are;

  1. Facilitate training for media services professionals;
  2. Promote local content development programs and;
  3. Improve the quality and quantity of research and publications.

The Zanzibar Journalists Capacity Building Foundation (ZJCBF) organizes a number of Educational projects throughout the: seminars, workshops, and Master Classes with a view to developing for each program to offer a ‘  program specification that would, in addition to subject-specific skills such as investigative skills, field-work skills and hence produce specialized journalists in various field in order to make critical analysis of specific issues.

Meanwhile, the reputable Tanzania Journalists Association was the first Journalists Association of Tanzania, TAJA, established in June 1966 under Hon. Benjamin William Mkapa was the first chairman. Hon. Mkapa became the third phase President of Tanzania, 1995-2005.

Tanzania had only one Journalists Association after independence, until 21 years later in 1987 when TAMWA was established. In 1995, about 30 years after the formation of TAJA. This was followed by mushrooming of the Journalists’ Association in the country which included MISA-TAN, JET, AJM, AJAAT, IJUTA, MOAT, TASWA, TPC, TUJ, TEF and ZJCBF.

Mass Media in Zanzibar are faced by lack of training media services professional. A research conducted by ZJCBF shows that training media services professional is hardly one percent. ZJCBF is into existence to meet this challenge through the implementation of a strategic plan effectively from 2022-2027.

The Zanzibar Journalists Capacity Building Foundation (ZJCBF) is a local professional civil society organization for training media services professionals registered as a non-profit non – government organization established under Zanzibar Civil Societies Act No.6 of 1995 and was issued with a Certificate of registration number.2292 on 03rd day of July 2014.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Advance Journalistic Knowledge is a means of creating the future.

Mission: To support journalists to write efficiently and effectively through building their competencies.


ZJCBF belief is that the ‘ Pen ‘ is mighty and nothing can stand against it. Likewise, since the pen is fundamental tool of any media practitioner and powerful source of information to the people, it can be used effectively as a strategic tool in development.

Zanzibar Journalists Capacity Building Foundation (ZJCBF) is well known for creating awareness to the media services professionals and community in general. Our strategic activities includes;

  1. Capacity building through trainings
  2. Website Administration
  3. E-Newspaper production
  4. E-Television production
  5. E-radio production
  6. Press photography contest
  7. Media writing competitions
  8. Zanzibar International Book Fair
  9. External relations.


  • Launched Strategic Plan {2022-2027} and Website (
  • Produced GBV Media Training Manual/Guide
  • Increased membership, from 17(2014) to more than 200 in 2019
  • Increased Number of articles in different media outlets
  • Run  a weekly Book review newsletter
  • Members’ active involvement in all training and participation in local and international media contests
  • Some local and international organizations showed interest to partner with ZJCBF.


Through the strategic plan(2022-2027) ZJCBF will be able to enroll into its program 120 editorial managers and media owners, provide awards to 60 journalists, allocate 80 journalists to rural areas, and 400 articles from the rural areas written, published, and aired within the strategic period of five years. One of the ZJCBF objectives is to build competencies of journalists so that they can write and produced efficient and effective  news in Zanzibar. ZJCBF targets to train 120 journalists, produced 32 Radio and TV Media talk shows, 60 news blogs/Websites,160 books, and 8,000 success stories brochure printed within the strategic period of five years.

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