President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi grateful Lylik Dernegi Institute from Turkey for intention to make Zanzibar as hub of strategic project implementation for East African.

Dr. Mwinyi said Government receive its request of Insitute for giving  area for construction of its Institute which included Pre-Primary school,Primary school and secondary school,Agricultural College and Technical college.

Acting Chairman of Lylik Dernegi institute, Mr Metin Calbay said, institute intention is to build it center in Zanzibar for implementation of strategic project  as permanent center in East African and recommend government to give area for construction of Center.

Also, he said,Lylik Dernegi institute already give assistance to Zanzibarian include milk goat 450 and  ordinary goat 1550 for Tanzania main land as step to empower economically.

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