Job Description


Position Title:                          Cultural Orientation Coordinator

Reports To:                             Senior Field Travel Coordinator

Division:                                  Programs

Department:                            Cultural Orientation

Job Location:                          Nairobi, Kenya

Grade Level:                            Grade 9, Coordinator, International


Introduction: Church World Service (CWS) is a not-for-profit, faith-based organization transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable solutions to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster. CWS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, genetic information, age, disability or veteran status in employment or in the provision of services.


Primary Purpose:

This position is responsible for overseeing United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) Cultural Orientation activity for RSC Africa. This includes coordinating workflow within Cultural Orientation department and collaborating with other program departments. This position ensures that RSC Africa processing priorities and targets are met and that standard operating procedures are strictly followed. The position also provides oversight to the Interpreter Unit, including overseeing processes related to contracted interpreters, child minders at RSC Africa. The position is a member of the RSC Africa Leadership Team and Senior Programs Team.

Essential Duties:


  1. Ensures all Cultural Orientation activity strictly adheres to the DOS/BPRM, USCIS, RPC, CWS and RSC Africa policies, guidelines and procedures, including PRM-issued CO learning objectives/indicators.
  2. Ensures activity relating to hiring of contractors such as interpreters and child minders teachers strictly adheres to the DOS/BPRM, USCIS, RPC, CWS and RSC Africa policies, guidelines and procedures.
  3. Oversees the development, implementation, dissemination and monitoring of standard operating procedures (SOPs), and Cultural Orientation curricula, for processing of resettling refugees eligible to receive Cultural Orientation as part of the US Refugee Admissions Program in sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. Leads regular departmental process reviews to compare requirements vs. current processing and outputs.
  5. Monitors policy changes, identifies effects of such changes on the department’s internal SOPs, workflow, and curricula, and ensures effective implementation of policy updates.
  6. Conducts job function observations of Cultural Orientation staff to ensure compliance is met and identifies areas of improvement or training needs.
  7. Oversees effective planning, coordination, execution, and monitoring of Cultural Orientation Circuit Rides (CR) in coordination with the Circuit Ride Support department including timely communication to external and internal partners, updating of CR reports and tools (partners report and CR portal), and timely dissemination of trip reports.
  8. Facilitates DNA testing for P3 applicants as needed.

Data Management and Analysis:

  1. Ensures that all RSC Africa Cultural Orientation activities are completed in an efficient and effective manner and reflect USRAP priorities for Sub-Saharan Africa.
  1. Oversees the development and maintenance of departmental reports and quality control (QC) checks. Ensures reports are accurate and efficient.
  1. Develops annual/quarterly projections to inform Programs Division priorities, with a focus on Cultural Orientation activity.
  1. Develops and implements department-specific pipeline analysis reports to inform workload    and staffing projections, and to anticipate future workloads.
  1. Coordinates with other Programs departments, as needed, to efficiently allocate staff resources; and collaborates with other Programs departments for improved processing efficiency across the division.
  1. Establishes and maintains effective communication systems regarding data within the department and other program departments.
  2. Reviews and distributes departmental reports on schedule.


  1. Maintains effective relationships with RSC Africa/USRAP partners, including PRM, USCIS, IOM, UNHCR, RPC and domestic Resettlement Agencies.
  2. Ensures partner communication from the Cultural Orientation Department is professional, timely and proactive.
  3. Occasionally travels to field sites to meet with RSC Africa/USRAP partners and represent CWS/RSC Africa on processing or other programmatic matters.
  4. Champions CWS policy, procedures, and organizational culture to Programs staff, and contributes to Programs Division strategies for ensuring staff fully understand and abide by CWS policies.
  5. Ensures Cultural Orientation staff are professional when representing CWS/RSC Africa to refugees, partners, the funder and colleagues.
  6. Serves as RSC Africa’s liaison to the PRM-funded technical assistance provider on Cultural Orientation.

Performance management:

  1. Provides direct supervision and leadership to the Cultural Orientation Managers, Curriculum Development Manager, and Interpreter Manager, including yearly performance evaluations, monitoring professional development, and coordinating leave.
  2. Oversees the development and implementation of training modules for Cultural Orientation staff, in coordination with Programs Management, and ensures that staff receive all necessary training on different aspects of refugee processing.
  3. Oversees that QCs are being conducted and feedback is being provided to staff and/or other departments.
  4. Ensures coaching, mentoring, feedback and corrective action plans are being carried out across the department.
  5. Ensures establishment of performance expectations and communication, on-boarding and training.
  6. Develops departmental performance management systems, in coordination with Programs Management, that support consistency in work outputs.
  7. Maintains accurate and current job descriptions for the Cultural Orientation Department.

Staff Care:

  1. Ensures a safe, healthy and professional work environment.
  2. Oversees the process of ensuring staff’s well-being while in the field.
  3. Ensures direct reports are accessing and using their benefits appropriately including leave.
  4. Actively supports staff by promoting safe space, open-door and the escalation policy.
  5. Establishes and communicates clear expectations to staff to foster a predictable and consistent work environment.

Program Administration:

  1. Develops annual and quarterly work plans for Cultural Orientation and Interpreter Unit and closely monitors and tracks progress towards achievements of established annual goals and objectives.
  2. Determines annual departmental staff modelling, and quarterly travel projections, which contribute to Programs annual budget.
  3. Coordinates the deployment of Cultural Orientation staff and resources to ensure timely flow of cases, in coordination with Programs Management.
  4. Manages Programs Division inputs to human resources activities for all Cultural Orientation staff, including hiring, evaluations, leave management, and disciplinary actions.
  5. Oversees the use of the budget as it relates to Cultural Orientation and Interpreter activity, and monitors effective and appropriate use of resources across the department. This includes oversight of the budget/invoice process for IOM payments covered by CWS/RSC Africa.
  6. Ensures effective circuit ride coordination with circuit ride support team, logistics, finance, and security including travel projections, site clearances, security updates, news from the field, expense reports and financial management.




Education & Certifications:


  • be flexible with changing of daily duties as needed.

Important Requirements:

Special Requirements:

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