President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi said Government welcomed insurance company in Zanzibar to invest in strategic  implemented projects.

President said during during opening 44 conference of Organization of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers(OESAI), held at Madinat Al Bahr Mbweni Zanzibar.

President Dr Mwinyi comments on  big transformation of Government on Economy show importance of Insurance  industry to exist in investment  in order to protect capital on the projects.

Also, said insurance industry continue to grow  there is importance to grow big enough in investment strategy of the projects. in order to support core transformation  of the government.

President Dr Mwinyi said, government continue on implementation of the blue economy in Oil and gas, marine and fisheries, tourism and seaweed agriculture.

Mean while, Commissioner of Insurance of Tanzanis Dr. Baghayo Abdallah Saqware said, insurance sector is essential due to its capital flow and pritection of the capital during disasters.

Also, Chairman of OESAI, Patty Karuaihe Martin said this conference has objectives to discuss how insurance sectors be prepared to counterattack effects of emergency diseases like COVID-19.

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