The President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Mwinyi requested Hindu Community living in Zanzibar to continue to do business and promote Zanzibar outside to attract investors.

He made the remarks at the State House during a meeting with Hindu Community living in Zanzibar recently.

During the 2020 general elections, Dr. Mwinyi pleaded to meet with different citizens, groups, and communities to discuss the strengths and challenges faced and how to address them.

He said the Zanzibar needs more investors in the different development sectors mainly in the Blue Economy, health, education and infrastructure.

Commenting on the government of national unity, the President said that the aim is to stimulate the economy and strengthen peace, harmony, and social cohesion among Zanzibaris.

Hindu Community member, Joshi Deepak pleaded to build a modern garden to increase the   Zanzibar municipal outlook.

The Community Chairperson, Arvind Asawla commended Dr. Mwinyi’s administration for its efforts to fight corrupt leaders and boost government revenue stressed that the community is behind the government’s effort to sensitize paying tax for the better development of Zanzibar.

Sanatan Dharma, commonly known as “Hinduism” in the West, is based on four fundamental principles: Avatarvad-belief in Divine descent, Murti Puja-image worship, Karmavad – belief in the law of Karma, and Punarjanma-rebirth.

In light of this brief life sketch of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, a few words about Avatarvad – the first principle. “Avatar’s” nearest, though not wholly apt English equivalent, is incarnation.

In Sanskrit, the word Avatar is derived from ava-descent and root tru-to cross over. Hence, one who comes down to earth as an avatar. Sanatan Dharma believes that from time to time, as circumstances demand, the supreme reality sends his avatars on earth.

The Bhagvad Gita (4/8) provides two reasons for incarnating. One is to re-establish dharma-righteousness. The second is to vanquish evil and protect sadhus-ascetics, and in a broader sense, people who observe dharma. The three Abrahamic religions believe that God does not need to descend on earth for this task from ‘up there. Agreed.

In one of Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s discourses known as the Vachanamrut (Kariyan 5), he extends the above contention further; that if Paramatma needed to descent on earth for the sole purpose of redeeming people, then this would be a sign of weakness, a failing of his Almightiness. Since there can be no such weakness in his infinite and divine power, the enigma remains. Why does he incarnate on earth? Bhagwan Swaminarayan-regarded as the supreme reality-Parabrahman Purushottam-divulged three reasons, which are hitherto unique. He posited that Paramatma assumes an avatar to fulfill the devotional desires of his beloved devotees and grant them divine bliss. Since the devotees have corporeal(physical) bodies, he too, out of compassion, assumes a corporeal body and showers affection (Kariyan 5).

Secondly, since he is imperceptible, beyond mind and speech, he resolves, out of compassion, to liberate humans on earth, so that they may behold him.

His second reason is far more profound, which only Parabrahman Purushottam can proclaim. In original Vraj Hindi, he divulged:

The earlier avatars are incarnated to serve a specific purpose. But this my present incarnation is to spiritually enlighten the jivas and grant them ultimate salvation. For this, I, the Purushottam transcending Akshar, have taken human form.

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