The number of tourists who entered Tanzania from January to April 2022 has increased to 367,632 from 275,097 tourists who arrived in the country during the same period in 2021.

Speaking on May 19,2022 acting director of economic and statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Daniel Msolwa said the number is expected to increase following the launch of the Royal Tour documentary.

Msolwa said out of the tourists who entered the country in 2022-1234,212 tourists entered through Zanzibar which is equivalent to 33.8 percent.

In addition, Msolwa said the tourism industry is expected to accelerate growth due to the growth of economic activities related to the sector including Arts and Entertainment.

Msolwa also said that despite the conflict that is raging between Russia and Ukraine, it has not prevent tourists from other countries from coming to Tanzania.

“The impact is there but not so much because of our tourism industry does not rely on tourists from Russia and Ukraine alone”” he said.

The number of tourists who entered the country in 2019 was 1,510,151 where in 2020 that number dropped to 620,867 tourists following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tourism is defined by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as the travel that involves staying away from the normal place of residence for at least one night (but not for over a year) in a person’s own country or abroad, with the purpose other than a permanent paid activity at the destination.

There are several reasons why people engage in tourism, but the major reason as been summarized by Wang(2:216) is that tourism travel provides the tourists with “”an alternative experience of time, i.e.(sic) time off or holiday time, which appears as an alternative rhythm, free from the constraints of the daily tempo.” Therefore, tourism processes are geared towards maximizing the experience of a tourist.

In maximizing the life style experience there occurs a possibility of learning and gaining new knowledge and meaning from the process of travel as well as from the places visited.

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