TITLE: Selection of a Private Investors to buy 99% Government shares in Rwamagana Banana Wine CPC Company Limited.


  1. As part of its vision to ensure a sustainable economic development, the Government of Rwanda(“GoR”) wishes to promote and sustain the growth of business by divesting GoR-owned companies to the private sector. This will increase private sector participation in the development of agro-industries and support the development of addition processing. To this end, the GoR through the Rwanda Development Board(“RDB”) wishes to sell its 99% Government shareholding in Rwamagana Banana Wine CPC Company Limited. Therefore, all interested bidders, local and international companies are invited to submit their technical proposal to buy the above Government shares.
  2. Rwamagana Banana Wine CPC Company Limited is a company dealing in the production and trade of Banana Wine, banana bear INKANGAZA; located in Rwamagana District. It was incorporated in January 2018.
  3. The purpose of this tender notice is to identify potential companies with the requisite technical and managerial experience as well as the financial capacity to buy the GoR shares and run Rwamagana Banana Wine CPC Company Limited as stipulated in the bidding document(Request for proposal(“RFP”).To attain the RFP document,all interested bidders are advised to visit the RDB website and download the RFP under the link: http://rdb.rw/rfp. They can also contact this email address for any questions: cpc@rdb.rw
  4. The RFP response, well written, appropriately bound and presented in four (2) copies of which one is an original and another a duplicate/copy, must be submitted, under sealed package, to the Chief Executive Officer, RDB, at the address below.
  5. The closing date and duties for the submission of the proposals documents is 18th May 2022,3PM, local time. Any application received after the closing date and time will not accepted. The public opening session will immediately take place on 18th May 2022.3:30PM, local time in same offices.
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