Precision Air Services Plc is a fast growing private Tanzanian airline which operates in Partnership
with Kenya Airways, with its strategies to expand wings beyond East Africa and Africa.

In order to keep our services at a higher level and meet our customers’ maximum satisfaction, we
wish to invite applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill in these challenging positions.



JOB PURPOSE:  To plan, supervise and execute company flights following legal and company

policies and procedures for safe, efficient, and economic conduct of flights

Key Accountabilities/ Responsibilities:

v Deliverables:

· Responsible to the PIC during flight, and generally to the Chief Pilot.

· Shall be conversant with all rules and regulations governing the route of the intended flight.

· Participate in the planning and execution of company flights following legal and company policies
and procedures to ensure safe, efficient, and economical operation.

· Will check contents of aircraft library, notes, fleet notices, or any other information that may affect
their flight and inform the PIC accordingly.

· Unless an engineer is available, the first officer is responsible for checking the refueling of the
aircraft, collecting fuel receipts, check uplifts of fuel and oil, and enter relevant details in their documents.

· The First Officer will assume command of the aircraft on instruction from the PIC or on the
incapacitation of the PIC, and when in charge will assume responsibility for the safety of the aircraft

· To assist the PIC in maintaining a high standard of discipline, conduct, and personal appearance of
the crew. As such, they must themselves be good examples.

· Volunteer such advice, information, and assistance to the Commander as may contribute favorably
towards the safe and efficient conduct of the flight

· The prescribed instruments, radios, life jackets, first aid kits, and all necessary equipment are
installed and serviceable.

· The aircraft is serviceable, and that the current certificate of maintenance/release is in force, and
that the previously reported defects have been notified in the Technical Log as rectified or transferred to
the defect log.

· The aircraft has been correctly loaded and that the load and balance sheet has been accurately
completed in duplicate.

· That sufficient fuel and oil are carried for the flight including reserve specified by the company.

· That the performance of the aircraft is adequate for prevailing conditions.

· The route information, radio facilities, alternate airfield(s), danger and prohibited areas, and any
other route information are available.

· That a meteorological forecast has been obtained to cover the route destination and alternate.

Behavioral Competencies.

° Team working

° Results focus

° Analytical and numerical

° Strategic Influencing/thinking

° High Integrity and honesty

° Building a resultsoriented team

° Excellent communication and interpersonal

Key Performance Indicators:

° Compliance with standards and procedures

° High level of discipline

° Achieved OTP

° Flexibility


° Education:

° In possession of Commercial Pilots license with rating on at least one fleet type

° Professional Qualification:

° Valid CPL with Instrument Rating

° MultiEngine Land Rating and Appropriate Type ratings

° Level of Proficiency in the English Language

° English proficiency level 4


° Rating from any type will be an added advantage

° Other Experience:

 Strong verbal, written, analytical, and interpersonal communication skills.

 Good coordination and physical fitness.



Job Purpose: Ensure that consistent quality customer service is given to the passenger in a

safe environment for their comfort and satisfaction while providing leadership to

the junior cabin crew.
Key Accountabilities/ Responsibilities:

v Deliverable

· Direct, coordinate, organize, and supervise the functions and tasks of the cabin crew hence making
sure that the customers receive the best possible service and ensure all standards and expectations are

· Prepare and carry out preflight briefing and postflight debriefing.

· Assign duties and delegate particular responsibilities relating to passengers requiring special
attention/ care.

· Observe and assess individual crew performance, discuss with the crew member, offer support where
necessary and provide reports to the Chief Cabin Crew with recommendations as and when required.

· Be responsible to the Commander for the management of safety and security outcomes of cabin and
emergency procedures specified in the General Operations Manual, and for their observance for the
conduct and management of cabin safety by the cabin crew and by all passengers.

· Inform the Commander of all irregularities and malfunctions and, at the prescribed times, report
cabin sterile.

· To ensure that cabin operations are conducted following the applicable regulations and standards of
the organization.

· Report to the Captain and/ or duty engineer of all unserviceable items.

· Liaise with station manager/ PAS’ representative, at lay over the station, in matters related to cabin

· Ensure that outstation rules and regulations are adhered to.

· Ensure proper utilization and handover of inflight catering items, materials, and good care of in
flight equipment.

· Develop crewmembers to be able to perform all duties on a flight by carrying out onthejob training/
coaching for newly promoted and recruited cabin crew.

· Ensure that, at the end of a flight, all documentations, logs, and reports are completed.

· Set an example for cabin crew and provide counseling as required; be selfdisciplined, adhere to all
company rules and regulations to be able to instill discipline.

· Maintaining Cabin Crew discipline.

· Special services handling

· Ensure cabin crew follow the laid down rules and regulations including uniform regulations,

· Discourage excess baggage,

· Do not allow cabin crew under the influence of alcohol to operate a flight, to take alcohol while in
uniform and/or on duty.

· Recommend disciplinary action while making sure the individual fully understands the reason.

Behavioral Competencies:

o Organizational, planning, and analytical skills

o Excellent communication skills

o Excellent leadership and Supervisory skills

o Able to work towards achieving targets without

o Attention to detail

o Proactive and dynamic

Key Performance Indicators:

o Appraisals

o Customer Surveys

o Customer Feedback

o Inflight Audits

o Ontime departures of scheduled flights

o Fitness for flights

o Valid employment and personal documents

o Education:

 Alevel Education

 Competence on technical aircraft typespecific & emergency procedures

° Professional Qualification:

· Cabin Crew License

· English language proficiency.

· Organizational, planning, and analytical skills

· Leadership and communication training

· Excellent communication skills

· IFE and Aircraft systems proficiency

· Computer Proficiency


o Professional Experience:

 At least 3 years’ experience as Cabin Crew or other managerial skills and experience in a
service industry

 Computer proficiency

 Management skills

 Modern Basic Life Support training relevant to inflight cases Dangerous goods

Other Experience:

 Knowledge of TCAA, ICAO regulations with emphasis on personnel licensing and operations of

 Typespecific training

 CRM, SMS, AVMED, AVSEC, DGR, SEPT (safety and emergence procedures

  1.  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    Mode of Application:

    If you feel you meet the above requirements, please send your application and CV to the
    address below. Only short‐listed applicants will be contacted.

    Head, Human Resources & Administration

    Precision Air Services Plc

    Mail Box 70770

    Dar es Salaam


    Closing Date:

    Not later than 20th April 2022
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