Tanzania Head of State President SamiaSuluhu Hassan has today marked 365 days since she took over as president on 19 March after the sudden death of her predecessor, John Magufuli.

Ever since she took office, President Samia, has seemingly distanced herself from some of the controversial policies that were implemented by Magufuli.

She seems to be taking more moderate path than Magufuli but has yet to announce all the policies she hopes to pursue during the rest of her term.

Scientific approach to Covid-19

In her 365 days, President Samia completely changed the way the country was fighting against Covid-19. She stated very clearly that Tanzania could not work alone in fighting the pandemic, a move that has been hailed by regional and international organisations including the World Health Organization (WHO).

Her government declared that the country has been hit by the pandemic and had to join the COVAX programme to assist it getting the vaccines.

In public appearances, President Samia is regularly seen wearing masks, and state media have created content based on science and reporting openly about the disease.

People continue with their daily lives while taking precautions, some of them wearing masks and the government is now allowing health experts to lead the fight against the pandemic.

President Suluhu has opened the political space which was severely closed during the era ofMagufuli.

In the eyes of many opposition leaders and political analysts, tshe political sphere is now improving unlike the previous years.

Calling for a constitution

President Samia visited Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique, a move that was intended to revive strained relations that existed before she took the highest office in the country. In Kenya, President Samia reaffirmed Tanzania’s commitment to maintain and further the relations between the two countries.

There is also an indication of change in the business environment as the President Samiahas been urging government officials to be more flexible with investors.

However, the economic challenges she inherited, mostly linked to the global impact of the coronavirus crisis, force her to work over time to ensure the growth of the country’s economy

The President has been visiting neighbouring countries and attending regional and international conference to meet her counterparts and promoting Tanzania internationally

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