In October 2021, an elderly female patient came to the Department of Ophthalmology at Mnazi Mmoja Referral Hospital complaining of a lump in her right eye.

She had visited several clinics and had gone through many examinations but because of the complex condition, the doctors in the clinics did not give a definite diagnosis and only gave her some eyedrops.

The lump had developed like a pigeon egg and began to experience pain.

The eyedrops she had been receiving had been completely ineffective. The lady’s family was poor and she usually needed to do housework. The problem made her suffer every day and even difficult to fall asleep.

With a last glimmer of hope, the patient was attended byDr. Muumin, an ophthalmologist at the Hospital who carefully analyzed the MRI films she brought.

The doctor found that the patient had a large tumor in the right eye, but to his confusion, the location and nature of the tumor did not seem to be consistent with the conclusion of the MRI examination.

To this end, Dr. Muumin took the MRI film to consult his colleague, radiologist Dr. Mohammed who introduced him to Dr. Liu Tingting, a radiologist from the Chinese Medical Team at the Hospital.

After understanding the process, Dr. Liu recommended organizing the departments of ophthalmology and Imaging to jointly carry out a Multi-disciplinary Treatment (MDT) to determine the cause of the patient and develop the treatment plan.

Next day the ophthalmologists and the radiologists jointly conducted an in-depth and meticulous analysis and discussion of the patient’s condition. Chinese Dr. Liu and Dr. Zhou Tianqiuwere invited to participate in the MDT.

After careful examination and heated discussion, they finally gave a definite diagnosis which was invasive squamous cell carcinoma in the right eye and Dr. Zhou recommended subsequent treatment options.

Multi disciplinary treatment

MDT is a diagnosis and treatment plan given by experts from different disciplines for a disease in the form of consultation, followed by joint implementation of the plan by related disciplines or multiple disciplines.

MDT can not only improve the efficiency and quality of diagnosis and treatment, but also provides doctors with the opportunity to learn and communicate, which is conducive to improving the overall skill level. It plays an important role in promoting the development of medicine in the future.

This was the first MDT discussion conducted by the Chinese Medical Team at the Mnazi Mmoja Referral Hospital which provided a lot of information for surgery.

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