Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has laid claim to being the best player in the world in the first half of the season with his club, leading the Premier League with 16 goals in 20 games.

Now Egypt wants to see some of that brilliance from its captain.

Salah has the weight of the world — or at least Egypt — on his shoulders at another African Cup as his country longs to return to the pinnacle of African soccer. Egypt has more African Cup titles than anyone else (seven) but hasn’t won since 2010.

Salah was part of the team that surprisingly lost in the round of 16 at Egypt’s home tournament three years ago, a defeat that felt like a national disaster.

Can Salah deliver for Egypt as he has for Liverpool? About 100 million Egyptians demand it and the 29-year-old Salah doesn’t have that many big moments left with his national team.



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