No crime should be justified because wrong is wrong, no matter how many criminals want to walk the famous road.

This is exactly my idea when it comes to people wanting to justify sexual harassment because of provocation due to allegations of indecent dressing by women and girls.

Just because a girl is wearing such a dress is not an invitation for anyone to abuse her sexually.

Most of us who have children know the problems we get from children by choosing the type of clothes to wear that we consider being beautiful in length, width and style because children feel that it is old-fashioned.

Too often, in their choice of clothing, teens are more likely to crave tights or what they call skinny pants, fashions of modern style than the type of clothing that their parents would like to wear.

During the summer, women, especially young ones, enjoy wearing light clothing because it is the world’s most fashionable outfit.

We live in a world where clothing is almost the same everywhere and times dictate what clothes a person should wear.

And especially young people do not want to be left behind in terms of fancy styles, no matter how happy or uncomfortable some people maybe.

This is the struggle that many parents who believe in casual clothing face when trying to lead children to the shops to buy clothes. Some of you could relate to these struggles.

There are times when a parent and a child cannot go shopping together because they will not agree on what to buy due to their different tastes of age-ordered styles.

A fight could erupt in a shop on account of attempts by the old school fashion to dictate to the younger snappy dressers what to buy and what not to.

That is why some wise parents opt to go out and buy clothes for their children that they consider being normal and permanent.

Unfortunately in many cases, children, following modern styles, may put the clothes in cupboards and never wear them because, as they believe, they should not be worn because they are unattractive.

A parent is likely to get that reaction if children, especially teens feel that you want to dictate to them what to wear.

Perhaps what could help is reasoning with the children and finding a middle ground because you can’t always have your way when it comes to matters of fashion and adolescents’ preferences.

That moment of crazy dressing by teens is a phase of life that never lasts forever.

It will pass, and it does pass. There comes a time in life when what seemed like fruitless efforts by parents to chaperon youngsters on dressing begin to bear fruit.

This is why I do not like it when people attempt to justify sexual violence against women on account of indecent dressing.

I also feel offended by men who when they see a girl in a mini-skirt or tight dressing, take it as an invitation to have sex with her.

The fact that a girl is wearing tight cloth is no invitation to any man to touch her inappropriately or make sexually suggestive comments about her.

That is sexual harassment and the victim can take you to court.

Apparently, some of the men who perpetuate sexual violence against adolescents, allegedly based on dressing, are fathers themselves, who in my view should be at the forefront of protecting the young ones based on the aforementioned reasons.

Any man who calls himself a father should understand the sights of passing from children in the dressing style during adolescence.

I am not defending provocative dressing by women and girls but rather, I am saying that sexual predators should not use dressing as an excuse for preying on women and girls.

In my view, many sexual predators are driven by greed and their lack of self-control. It’s a serious mental condition that no one should justify.

If dressing up is the cause of the scourge of sexual violence of our time, what could be the reasons for forcing the occurrence of child rape? What about cases where young men live with women of the age of their mothers or grandmothers? Other victims of sexual harassment are the elderly who do not have the behaviour of wearing miniskirts or tight-fitting clothing.

In hindsight, we live in a society that tolerates sexual violence against women and children.

When I say sexual abuse, I mean rape, sodomy, attempt to rape and other forms of sexual violence against a child and a woman.

The most worrying form of sexual violence of our time is child defilement whose victims are girls below the age of 17.

Despite the crime carrying a maximum jail sentence, many rapists seem to remain undeterred in their evil acts of molesting children.

What worries me more is the tendency by society to justify the high scourge of sexual violence by blaming victims. Women are often blamed for allegedly inciting the wrath of rapists on themselves through the indecent dressing.

And most of the time when a woman is raped, there is no sympathy from members of society because they feel she somehow asked for it. This is the reason why some victims of sexual violence opt to suffer quietly to avoid the blame game and name-calling.

Victim-blaming must come to an end because no woman or girl deserves to be raped, no matter what.

Rapists get away with crimes against women and girls because of society’s predisposition to defend outlaws and vilify victims of sexual violence.



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