Unguja. Four children from the same family have died and 47 others have been hospitalised after eating what is believed to be turtle meat in Unguja, Zanzibar.

The incident comes just one month after Seven people died and 24 others being hospitalized in Micheweni, Pemba.

Speaking of the incident the Regional Police Commander Martin Otieno said the deaths occurred in Matamwe where the turtle was fished out of the sea.

“A certain fisherman who has been identified as Juma Mussa saw the turtle laying eggs in the area , so together with other fishermen managed to catch it, slaughtered it and divided it among themselves,” he said.

According to the RPC, the first signs of tragedy started to appear after Juma’s first son Mohammed Juma died and others started to develop signs of food poisoning and tht is when they were rushed to hospital.

While at the hospital the other three children Ali Juma (4), Juma Musa (6) na Zainabu Juma (1.5) also lost their lives.

He said that all the 47 have been hospitalized at Kivunge Hospital and 31 of the affected are children whereas the other 16 are adults.

He urged the residents to avoid eating turtle meat because they are poisonous.



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