On December 9, 1961, a nation was born. Tanzania was officially declared an independent country 60 years ago, its people filled with hope for a new beginning and dreams of unimaginable possibilities.

With the dawn of each day, another step towards development was taken. Through changing leadership and evolving visions, our nation has been built on a history of community and patriotism, supported by the desire for growth and prosperity.

Thirty years ago marked the beginning of a wide range of socioeconomic reforms.

Over the years, the private sector has continued to gain prominence while contributing to national development through job creation, tax revenue, welfare improvement, and innovations.

Investment and entrepreneurial efforts were key in enabling Tanzania to attain its middle-income status well ahead of the projected 2025 timeline.

We are proud to play a role in contributing to Tanzania’s socioeconomic development. Representing CEOs from over 160 leading companies in Tanzania cutting across multiple sectors, our shared purpose is to enhance impact in leadership and the country’s sustainable growth and prosperity.

As we cross this monumental milestone of 60 years of independence, we are driven by a strong urge to continue to shape the narrative to ensure inclusivity and sustainable development. In the midst of a global environmental crisis and deepening inequalities across societies, visionary leadership guided by ethical principles will steer our nation for even greater prosperity for another 60 years and beyond.

Tanzania Imara; Kazi Iendelee, I heartily say.

Happy 60th Independence Day, from the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania.

Sanjay Rughani, Chairman, CEO RoundTable Tanzania

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