The number of new daily coronavirus cases increased sharply by 9% globally to 517,600, according to an AFP Tally. There were however wide disparities between regions.

Infections rocketed by a third in the US alone and were up 9% in Europe. But elsewhere cases fell down a tenth in the Middle-East and Oceania, with infections falling by 8% in Latin America and the Caribbean and 4% in Asia.

In Africa, case were down 32%.Nine of the 10 countries where the situation worsened fastest were in Europe. In Spain and Denmark cases were up by 54%, and they were also up by slightly more than a half in Portugal. Switzerland(44%) and France(43%) were not much better.

The Czech Republic saw a 38% rise, followed by Germany(36%) and Austria(32%). The US remained by far the country with the biggest number of new cases, with 97,500 per day, up a staggering 33%.It was followed by Germany with 43,000(up 36%). AFP

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