When it comes to business and every day life, paying close attention to branding is an indisputable key to success.

Public perception is one of the driving influences of popularity, and Gates’ experience with his-both in terms of his own branding and Microsoft’s-has indicated just how important this can be.

Gates is a man with a healthy respect for the importance of good marketing, once starting in an absolutist fashion ”if you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.”

During his time at the helm of Microsoft, Gates was  closely involved with the company’s marketing strategy from the company’s inception

In the early days of Microsoft, Gates would personally spend hours planning and delivering the company’s Public Relation strategy.

Initially, this involved spending a great deal of his time travelling long distances to pitch Microsoft products to potential buyers.

Later, this role was expanded as Gates became the face of Microsoft by participating in a large number of interviews as the company began to enjoy early success.

He went on to appear personally in print advertisements for various Microsoft products, and at the height of the company’s success, in  high budget television commercials.

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