You’ve moved into a new house and you’ve been doing a lot of painting.

You’ve got severe pain on the outer side of your elbow. You can’t even turn a doorknob or hold a cup of tea.

It could be: Tennis elbow, which despite its name, is not only due to playing tennis. It can be down to any job with a backhand motion where the tendons of your elbow are overloaded.

Cure it: Tennis elbow gets better on its own, but an anti-inflammatory gel rubbed into the painful area will help, as will painkiller tablets.


You’ve got pain and tenderness in your left elbow. You’re right handed and while working on your computer for long hours, you tend to lean on your left elbow.

It could be: Bursitis, a painful inflammation affecting the small fluid-filled sacs(bursae) that cushion the bones, tendons and muscles around your elbow joint.

Cure it: Stop leaning, improve your posture, sit more upright. Consider standing at your computer, which will change the position of your arms and improve your fitness as well.


You have pain and tenderness on the inside of your elbow extending down your inner arm. It feels stiff and your hands and wrist feel weak. Your fingers feel numb and tingly.

It could be: Golfer’s elbow, where the muscles and tendons that control your wrist and fingers have been damaged after forceful wrist and fingers movements.

Cure it: Rest, give up golf for a few weeks and ice the affected area. With the help of a stretching and strengthening exercises.

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