Theft has been maintained as the leading offence committed in Zanzibar with 2,406 cases contributing 27.07 percent of all crimes registered in 2020. It was the leading offence in 2019 with 1,608 cases out of 5,007 offences registered.

According to the Annual Crime and Civil Statistics Report 2020, theft cases were mainly motivated by economic gains.

The report shows offences against persons were listed the second with 1,438 cases as the number of offences report during the period increased to 8,886 from 5,007 in 2019.

Mjini district reported the highest number of offences with 2,487 cases in 2020. In 2019 Magharibi ‘B’ district was reported to have the highest number of offences with 757 cases.

The top ten crimes that police registered in 2020 were theft, common assault, domestic violence, sex-related offences, threatening violence, murder and breaking-ins. Others are economic crimes, child-related offences, criminal trespass and malicious damage of property.

The report shows the overall crime rate in 2020 was 350 crimes per 100,000 populations.

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