Tourism activities taka place under different topologies of which the most common is the conventional or mass tourism. Conventional(old) tourism attracts the majority of travelers, but it has little impact in improving incomes in rural areas where the majority of the citizens live.

However, other forms of tourism are gaining currency, whose shared vision is to benefit members of the community where tourist products are located. These forms include sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, cultural tourism and pro poor tourism.

A substantial number of tourists from the west prefer visiting areas that offer tourist products which are benefiting rural communities directly. These constitute the type of tourists calls new tourists.


Search for sun Experience something different
Follow the masses Want to be in charge
Here today, gone tomorrow See and enjoy but not destroy
Just to show that you had been there Just for the fun of it
Having Being
Superiority Understanding
Like attractions Like sports
Precautions Adventurous
Eat in hotel Try local fare
Homogeneous Hybrid


Thus, learning is one of the major reasons of gaining a different experience, Similarly, the new tourist is interested in interacting with people in a destination

Pine and Gilmore profess the importance of “Social experience” for the “new tourist”. This is important in leveraging tourism in issues of poverty reduction, Since the new tourist is more likely to include in his/her itinerary the local rural areas and spend some financial resources in buying some items and even trying to eat local food as opposed to the conventional(old) tourist who only eats in large, Western like hotels.

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