The media have been urged to report correct information on the Covid-19 vaccines to increase the pace of public positive response on the ongoing vaccination exercise.

Tanzania-based Internews’ Project Coordinator, Shaaban Maganga made the remarks during a training of journalists on the best approach of reporting the Covid-19 vaccination.

He said that there is a lot of misinformation going around in the country about the Covid-19 jab which has led to the low response from the people.

Maganga said the training was important to iron out some misinformation so that the media could be well equipped with expertise to communicate effectively on the virus preventive measures and vaccination.

He added that while the country was experiencing the Covid-19 third wave, it was important that people get vaccinated to reduce the number of deaths and hospitalization cases.

“We support government’s effort in fighting this pandemic. We believe it is our duty to complement government’s efforts by encouraging the public focus the good that comes after getting the dose,” he said.

He said 300,000 people have been reportedly vaccinated, adding, “although this is a positive sign,  still the country has a way to go as some people have not yet decided to get vaccinated.”

Senior Lecturer, Dr. Mwidimi Ndosi, said the Covid-19 vaccine have no side effect on human beings because they have been researched and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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