The German-based multinational, BOSCH Group is set to bring new major projects with modern technology to stimulate the isle’s economy, Zanzibar Mail has learned.

The company’s President for African Region, Dr. Markus Thill made the revelation last week when he met ministers and government officials at the Serena Hotel, Shangani.

Dr. Thill was in Zanzibar at the invitation of the Zanzibar Oil and Gas Service Providers Association (ZAOGS) Chairperson, Ambassador Abdulsamad Abdulrahmi.

Ambassador Abdulsamad said for Zanzibar, Bosch has a lot of potential as an important long-term partner in strategies to strengthen its future economy.

“In the years ahead, we want to significantly increase our engagement with BOSCH so that Zanzibar can benefit from the various opportunities offered by this company,” he said.

He added the move is a revolutionary initiative designed to create, up-skill and grow Zanzibar’s youth who face employment crisis and support government efforts to employ 300,000 youth by 2025 to bring them into the formal, mainstream economy.

He said BOSCH Group has ambitions and plans of co-operating with the government in implementing the 2050 Development Vision.

 “We want to partner with BOSCH in the construction of various development projects, and make Pemba Island an Oil and Gas Logistic Hub. This is an important opportunity for the people of Pemba,” he added.

“Economic prosperity is about creating opportunities from the ground to benefit individuals and communities and this is why we invited Dr. Thill to look for investment opportunities we have and how we can work together,” he noted.

He said Zanzibar is keen to use BOSCH’s resources and expertise to improve skills, create new economic opportunities and growth at a micro level, providing world-class services at affordable prices and improving the lives of all citizens.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Thil said his company is interested in the investment opportunities available in Zanzibar and is ready to partner with the government to help increase employment opportunities and skills for youth.

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