It was full of thrills and spills. That is how you can in nutshell describe the Zuchu Home Coming Concert performance at the Amaan Stadium.

The concert was coloured by different artists from both the  islands ‘Zenji Fleva’ including Sultan King, Berry Black, Cholo and the queen of taarab Khadija Kopa. Artists from the mainland included Blue, LavaLava, Chege, Jux, Lulu Diva and Queen Darleen.

One of the performances that moved the masses was by Khadija Kopa, the queen of mipasho and Zuchu’s mother representing taarabu genre with fans cheerfully singing with her in madness from the beginning to the end.

Zuchu sang her best songs including itawachoma (it will hurt you),  nisamehe (forgive me) and finished her performance with her best song sukari (sugar) that made the crowd  wild in a more uncontrolled fanatic environment.

The Zantel’s Head of Mobile Business, Aneth Muga said that the concert was aimed at promoting the local talents, adding that it was part of Pasua Anga Ki Zantel 4G campaign  to educate the mass on the importance of 4G internet in bringing social and economic benefits.

“We all understand that Zuchu is a home talent and through this concert she is coming back home to give unmatched music experience to Zanzibaris.

The local artists from Zenji Fleva got a chance to showcase their talents and learn from others,” she said.

The concert was graced by the Minister for Information, Youth Culture and Sport, Tabia Maulid Mwita who encouraged local talents to do more to represent Zanzibar culture.

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